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08 October 2009 @ 08:09 pm
Twi-Prom 19/09/09-20/09/09  

Firstly can I just say what an amazing weekend I had. The event itself ran smoothly, the stewards were both nice and helpful. And of course the guests were incredibly nice.

Now, I know most people probably don’t care about my weekend at Twi-prom, I don’t know, maybe some of you do but tbh I’m writing this for the memories. For me to come back and read through it, something to put a smile on my face and remind me of what a good time I had.

So, on with the post.

Day one

So, I woke up at about 10 am on Saturday and to be quite honest, it still hadn’t really sunk in that, that very day I would be meeting my best friend & also meeting the amazing Charlie Bewley, Daniel Cudmore and Jose Zuniga. Obviously I was excited but…it all just seemed very surreal.

Anyway, we left home at 1.15pm (By this point I was worried that we wouldn’t make it in time for 3pm.)

The whole journey there consisted of listening to music, texting Siob, tweeting at Jamie & grinning at the fact that my dad was bombing it down on the motorway

Anyway, to my utter shock, we made it there at exactly 3pm on the dot. I scrambled out of the car (Partly so I could go and get in the hotel, partly because I was getting incredibly stuffy in that car)

So while my dad went to check in and while my mum went to sit in the lobby, I went to stand in the line for registration (Which was a very long line at the point).

I sent a text to Siob & got no reply. At this point I feared she’d fallen asleep & I didn’t even know her room number D:!

Thankfully, I sent her another text telling her that I was in line for registration and that she needs to come down. Five minutes later, Siob casually walked up beside me and goes “Hey”

Me: -looks next to me and grins- Hey

(Note this all had to be done subtly…. Long story)

Anyway, the next… half-an-hour  (?) Consisted of waiting in line and then receiving our event passes and packages. The package contained three pictures, one of Charlie, one of Daniel & one of Jose. A little Kellan Lutz badge (It was cute…but Siob tried to steal it from as she didn’t get one xD), a schedule of the weekend, a programme with info on the guests etc and also a pass and a fake £50 note for use at the casino thing they had going.

So this took us to about 3.30, at this point, I went to have some lunch and Siob disappeared up to her room. We met downstairs in the lobby again at 4, where we went into the dealers/ merchandise room. Big mistake. That room had so many pictures, it was ridiculous. Siob and I took an hour, yes an hour, simply choosing and then purchasing pictures. Realizing that we didn’t have much time left, we decided to chill in the lobby for a while and so we went out to the main lobby and bought hot chocolates from the costa.

Completely by random choice, we grabbed a couple of seats by the windows in the lobby and sat there, just talking and drinking the hot chocolate.

We look out of the window and see a random car pull up, obviously we pay no attention to it and turn back to our conversation. Then the people sitting beside us, tap me on the shoulder and go “Aren’t they the guests?”

I look at them and suddenly hear Siob go “Oh my god!” I turn to look at her, and then out of the window. Yep, you guessed it. Standing beside the ‘random car’ were

Charlie Bewley, Daniel Cudmore and Jose Zuniga. Need I even explain how Siob & I reacted? (We went insane, for those who didn’t quite guess that)

We then realized that Charlie & Daniel were, well… staring at us. That pushed our reaction further over the line of insanity.

So that all lasted about… half-an-hour (?), at which point, we decided that it’d be better if we go up to our rooms and get ready for the prom. So we went our separate ways and decided to meet in the lobby at 6.

A few minutes past six and were in the lobby. We had an hour to kill, we discovered, so we explored the hotel for a bit and then went to our rooms to get a few things etc. Soon enough, it was 7pm and we were allowed into the room where the prom was. The room itself looked amazing. It was done up so well. Honestly. <3

They made it to look like a proper prom, with a gazebo exactly like the one in the movie. It had fairy lights on it and the whole room was amazing too. It all looked beautiful. There was also a stage for the guests.

Eventually the guests came on stage and talked to us for bit. I did record, but unfortunately there is a lot of screaming and what not over it. (Yes, Siob and I may have done some of the screaming but tbh…. When you’re there…you can’t help it.)

They talked for about 15 minutes, then left. Siob and I chilled in the prom area and then we went back to the merchandise area (We couldn’t help ourselves okay?!), we were then called for our photo with the three guests.

God, lining up…it was so nerve-wracking. I swear, Siob dug her nails into my arms so much that weekend. Painful much?

Anyway, soon enough it was my turn. I took a deep breath and went up for my picture and the guys were like “Hey,how are you?”

Me: -totally unsure about who to look at when I answer- (I settled for looking at all three of them. Ha) I’m fine thanks

Charlie: That’s good –smiles-

Then we get ready for the picture Charlie, Me, Daniel behind me (He is SO tall) and Jose to the other side of me. When I was leaving, Charlie squeezed my arm, reassuringly. I think he could tell I was a bit nervous. xD

Siob took ages for her pictures… shoving everyone in front of her and whatnot.Haha.

Afterwards, it was time of the guests dances with the gold ticket holders. (Ugh, jealous. I admit it.Haha) and they danced to Flightless Bird!<3

Charlie also got his brother to come on and chose a girl at random to dance with him. Charlie was so incredibly sweet. <3

We headed back to Siobs room at about 11.30pm and I hung there till about 1am, then I headed back to my room for some sleep for the exciting day ahead of me.

Highlights of the day;

Daniel and Charlie seeing our freak-out session while we drank hot chocolate.xD

Ordering pizza from dominoes and eating them in the lobby in our dresses. xD

Daniel walking past us and saying “hey” and then us tweeting that. xD

Seeing Charlie and his brother around a lot. They look very similar, no lie.

Spending ages in the merchandise area.

Getting a sneak preview of the prom room, before everyone else. xD

Wow, ok that was longer than intended. Keep a look-out for the post about day two of twi-prom. I have a feeling that post will be longer. xD