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12 September 2009 @ 11:07 pm

Wow,so its been a while since i posted.Before my holiday.
Well,Portugal was awesome. Had a great time,met some great people. And it was generally a good laugh.
And i started school on the 7th of September.I've been back for a full week and,let me tell you,its already stressful.They're already piling on the homework & then i'll have a shit load of coursework coming too,then i have my science re-takes in January & then the real GCSEs in May/June time.Ugh.This is going to be one hard working year.Bring on Summer 2010!Haha.
BUT there are some good things about this year. Next weekend i will be attending twiprom in Birmingham,England. Charlie Bewley (Demetri),Daniel Cudmore (Felix) and Jose Zuniga (Mr.Molina) will be there too.So will Siob :]
So,i'm really excited for that. And then in October,I'm going to Italy with my school.I cannot wait,because i've wanted to go to Italy for ages now.And then,of course,New Moon in November.
So i suppose i can't complain SO MUCH.There are some good things about year 11.
I can't believe it was 8 years ago yesterday since 9/11. The years have gone so quickly. God bless all the souls that were killed by those assholes. R.I.P You shall not be forgotten.
And,god,riots 10 minutes away from where i live,yesterday.There were muslims,anti-muslims and the BNP involved. I was most scared about the BNP being involved because they're often compared to the how the Nazis were in the beginning.And if they ever come into power... -shudders- Thankfully,most people in this country have sense and the BNP get little votes.
Anyway,i'm gonna stop talking about depressing shit now,haha.
On a happier note;i'm off to see Dorian Gray with a pal tomorrow. I can't wait,i've waited for this film for so long.The books amazing,and according to a few people,the films great too.
Oh & I got to watch Supernatural season 5 premiere today,finally.It was so good.Such a good start to season 5. Had the right mix of emotions.And Deans dialouge at the end </3
I know its :( but i suppose its kind of good Dean got it all off his chest.It made it a sort of a reality check for Sam.Showing him that things aren't as normal as he thought they would be.But have no fear,this is the Winchester Boys we're talking about.By the end of season 5,i'm sure they'll be close as ever again. (No Wincest things here please.I am NOT a fan of wincest.I find it disgusting tbh.Ha)
Anyway,ending rant.Wow,that was long.

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13 August 2009 @ 12:25 am

So you've all probably seen trailers of the new movie "Bandslam"
And,sure,it may not look too appealing to everyone,but i can assure that it will be VERY appealing to twilight fans
because,from Friday 14th August,an exclusive (never before seen) New Moon footage will be played before it!
Now if that doesn't encourage you to get down to the cinema....this will


^ Exclusive preview. :]

27 July 2009 @ 11:35 pm

Heylo LJ'ers.How are we today?
Off to Sunny Portugal next week..oh yes.xD Quite excited tbh.Should be good,hopefully. I'm also LOVING (huge emphasis on 'loving') the New Moon previews. Now i know my last blog sounded as if i was bashing twilight,but i wasn't.I was insulting the HYPE.Y'know..all the fangirls and whatnot. I still love twilight,i just wish the hype wasn't as bad as it is.I wish it was like it was before.My TT friends will know what i mean (Aka Siob,Liz,Madi,Alice,Val,Jamie,Megan and all you lot.Don't shoot me if i forgot you...remind me...nicely...without violence.xD)

But anyway as i was saying,loving the New Moon stuff.
In other news...i'm getting my blackberry soon! Friday i think.I'm quite excited for that,and of course Portugal. And...my friends coming over on wednesday.Thats pretty cool.
And...ur... Yeah thats my exciting life for y'all. Surely someones life is WAY more exciting than that?Theres gotta be someone right?Well,quite a few people i imagine.
Today wasn't exciting either.... watched a bit of t.v,played on wii a lot,went grocery shopping with the mother,did a lot of reading,did some writing and was online. Wow i lead such a sad life....
That would be my cue to leave.
So,until next time....I bid you farewell.
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16 May 2009 @ 11:04 pm
For those who don't know what the subject name is/means....its a song from Green Days new album;21st Century Breakdown.Which is amazing might i add.Full review  shall be posted in due course =).

Anyway;its been a while since i've posted,i've just been super-busy;school,exams,revision,parents evening,wedding (not mine obviously,heck if it was mine i'd be killed for not inviting certian friends,ahaha.xD)
But yes! I'm back...sort of =].
Hm.Nothing really to say tbh.Meeting Rachel Caine next weekend;can't wait!Im thinking of making an MV top.Ahahaha.
U.K in the top 5 in eurovision.....nice one.
Ahaha,Siob & I had a two-hour phone conversation,blimey didn't even realize it was that long till i put the phone down.
Right now i am....listening to 21st Century Breakdown....again xD & watching CSI.Yay for multi-tasking.
Its alright though;i've already seen this CSI episode so i don't need to pay full attention. =P
Science GCSEs in June;ugh,no fun.I know a lot of people have major exams going atm so good luck to anyone whos going through exams atm =)
I am so ready for school to be over.Bring on Summer 09 (: Not that i have any plans for then or anything but....yeah,hopefully it should be good.
Anyway im going to shut up now.
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12 April 2009 @ 06:51 pm

Click this link and you can be in with a chance of winning a New Moon set visit.
Well what are you waiting for?

I leave you with this lovely picture (:

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03 April 2009 @ 11:11 pm

No you are not imagining things.Priy is really posting a blog here,no need to get all dramatic about it.It hasn't been that long.Well,okay,it has ben that long.But its not my fault. D:
Blame life,i do.
Anyway,whats new with me?
We did our drama practical last week, 'the crucible' & I got an A*.I was pretty chuffed as you can imagine.I was not expecting that tbh.
Im rather bored atm.Hm.
I was having the best conversation with Madi,about when she comes to London;very funny.
And then she left me.
Was talking to Demi...then she left me.xD haha.
And Alice....she also seems to have vanished.
Oof,Alan Carr cracks me up.Pure comic genius.
So right now,im watching scrubs.But i've seen it obviously,as i have watched every scrubs episode that has been aired on T.V.
Yes im obsessed....so what?
I'm now talking to Liz,whom i love dearly.She should also be very pleased that shes in this blog. ;) 
Im also talking to Mary;haha she does make me laugh.
Anyway i'm really going to stop now.
Wait one sec......
when you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell!
Ahem,sorry its been stuck in my head all day.xD
Until next day....
Much love,
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14 March 2009 @ 03:53 pm

With New Moon starting filming soon y'all must be thinking 'Aw damn no more TWILIGHT' but thats where you're wrong my friends!

BECAUSE the dvd is yet to be released my dear uk friends.
(Well yeah you'll be getting it too my american friends but its coming out early for you!


I reckon you should all order the special 2disc blu ray copy.

I didn't convince you?Well this will!

• The Adventure Begins – The journey from page to screen

• A conversation with Stephenie Meyer

• The Comic-Con phenomenon

• Deleted scenes (with director introduction)

• Extended scenes (with director introduction)

• Video: Muse performing “Supermassive Black Hole”

• Video: Paramore performing “Decode”

• UK premiere footage (exclusive to UK)

• Theatrical trailer

• Theatrical TV spots

• Becoming Edward

• Becoming Bella

• Catherine Hardwicke’s Vampire Kiss montage

• Edward’s piano concert

• Music: The heartbeat of Twilight

• Catherine Hardwicke’s “Bella’s Lullaby Remix” music video

• Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Robert Pattinson

and Kristen Stewart

Wow much?!?

So what are you still doing here?Go out & pre-order them! Wahoo!
02 February 2009 @ 06:04 pm
Ah what a good day.I woke up and realised it was 10am & i wondered why my mum hadn't woken me up.So i looked outside & all i could see was white.And a lot of it might i add.
I found out my school had shut for the day so.... snow day! Woop!
I had a mini snowball fight with my brother,i kept on pelting him with snowballs... he wasn't too happy.xD
Then i came indoors & watched a lot of scrubs and had lunch and talked on msn... mainly to Alice as she was the only one who seemed to stay online :D.
I then got a call from my cousin so i went there for a huge snowball fight with 6 of us.Got attacked with snowballs.Got snow chucked in my mouth (That was not fun).Otherwise it was great. :D
And now.... well now im sitting on here,frozen.
Hopefully tomorrow will be another snow day! -crosses everything possible-
Until next time my friends!
Much love,
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Hello fellow bloggers.
My internet wasn't working from Friday until tuesday... i was very lost without it but its back... as you guessed.xD
This week has been very... uneventful? Was off school on monday due to illness and then got sent home on tuesday.
Wednesday we took the tube to UCL (Uni in London) for a chemistry lecture... it was quite interesting tbh.
They made 3000 explosions in three seconds!Awesome stuff.
Hm... so yes thats about it thats going on in the world of Priy... not really interesting,haha.
My birthday in a month and five days. =)
This is going to be an interesting year... seeing a play in February starring the James Mcavoy and Nigel Harman. -dies-
March;Alice is coming to stay at my house xD.Awesome stuff eh?
Anyway.. that is all,going for dinner now.
Much love,
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11 January 2009 @ 04:54 pm
Nothing really exciting happen today.  I ordered "Lord of Misrule" the 5th book in the Morganville Vampire Series! I can't wait to get it and read it.
If you haven't read the series.I HIGHLY recommend you go out and get the series,because they are amazing.Honestly. I love them.
Hm..so yep thats about it really. School tomorrow;not fun.
I think i finished the whole bottle of shloer that was in our house by myself.Haha.
Not all today obviously but i think i was the only one drinking it.... -shifty eyes-
I've mainly been on here and reading the most of today. T.V has been boring... but thats a known fact with some of the crap they have nowadays.Mhm.
Anyway im going to stop before i start rambling about the old shows on t.v (Because that will lead me onto 'the good old days') and that'll be too long.xD
So i'll leave that for another time.
Right,im off to have some milk&cookies.Yum.
Happy sunday!
Much Love
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