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10 January 2010 @ 05:42 pm
This is a battle song, brothers and sisters;  
I know, I know, I'm awful. I haven't posted on here in ages.
I didn't even make a Christmas and/or New Years post; my apologies.
I do hope everyone had a good christmas & new year though.
What is everyones resolutions?
Mine are; To lose weight & to get grades on my GCSEs.
So far both seem to be going good, haha. Exercise is going well and i've been revising my butt of for my mocks.
I predict that in years away from now, people of our generation, living in England will tell their grandchildren about the harsh winter of December 2009/January 2010.
Why do I say that? Well, because the whole of England (Well most of England anyway) is covered in a blanket of snow. Quite a bit of it too. The temperatures also dropping drastically.
I love the snow and everything but it's sort of distrupted our mocks. School was closed on Wednesday & Thursday and so we only had two exams on Friday.
There's also a good chance of a lot more snow tonight so who knows what's in store for this week.
What does everyone think of the snow? Has it ruined anything for you?
Although, I just had milk and cookies... Ah, the advantages of Winter Days.
Right now though, I am sitting here, listening to 30 Seconds To Mars and looking on e-Bay for costumes for ET3(twi-con in feb). I have around 5 weeks left and I need to find a civil war costume and a yellow graduation robe and cap. Uh-oh!
Today... I just revised. Fun, i know but that's what's become of my days recently; revision. Bring on Summer 2010! Haha.
On another note; I was offered tickets to the 30 Seconds To Mars gig and to the Green Day gig. I had to reject both. Also Michael Buble's touring in May and I can't go to his concert either.
All because of exams. Wow, I don't really have much luck with gigs do I? Haha.
Ah well... I have ET3 to look forward to! So far the announced guests are; Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus), Kiowa Gordon (Embry) and Charlie Bewley (Demetri).
I'm so excited. Also excited to meet Charlie again.
Good times.
Do you guys have anything exciting to look forward to in the near future?
Wow, three questions in  one post. My bad.
Anyway, I shall stop rambling now. Have a good week ahead fellow LJ-ers!
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