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25 April 2010 @ 01:26 pm
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile.  

Hello LJ-ers!
It's been too long.
Revision seems to be taking over my life, and let me tell you... it's not fun. I'm so stressed out about these exams..i feel sick in the stomach just thinking about it. Now, i know that sounds dumb, because they're just exams, but tbh... they're a lot more then that. It's a chance for me to prove to myself and to others that i can pass my exams. But then i think...what if i can't pass them? What if i fuck them up, like i did my mocks? And if i do fuck up...there's nothing i can do about it and it'll always be there. People will always know that of me. That seems more likely to happen then me actually passing them. :/
Lmfao. I apologise for that rant m'dears.
On a brighter note...Who's looking forward to Summer?! I know i am. Mhm.
Many plans, a lot of which involve doing nothing at all. :')
Also planning on meeting up with Alice. ([info]iwouldstoptime
So that shall be very fun. :D 
And, then of course, there's Eclipse. ^_^
Plus, my cousin's wedding which is soon after my exams finish so that will be good fun.
Tbh... Summer is the only thing that's keeping me going through this revision. :')
It's weird to think that in...a few weeks, i would have finished year 11 & it will just be exams from then on. Whoa.
Sixth form then starts in September. Call me weird, but i'm excited for it. As hard as it will be, there's a few good points... More freedom being the main one :P and of course, studying the subjects i want to study. They are; History, Government & Politics, English Literature and Economics.
I wanted to do Drama but that plan failed.
Anyway. I think i've rambled plenty now.
Priy xo

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