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23 July 2010 @ 12:59 am
Was It a Dream?  
...Well actually..it wasn't :')
Meeting Jared Joseph Leto
Words cannot express the way we are feeling right now. Yesterday, 16.07.2010, we met our hero and the most inspirational person we know. Jared Leto, thank you for making our dreams come true.The day started off early in the morning, in London. The three of us (Priy, Shree and Amy) were feeling both excited and nervous. After having spent a good 45minutes in the hotel we believed Jared to be staying at and spending £11.50 on a breakfast we didn't even want, we started to feel anxious. We hadn't sited Jared and it was becoming clear that we weren't going to, so we left the hotel and went to the starbucks across the road. At starbucks, we put on some music (30 Seconds To Mars obviously) to try and lift our spirits slightly. We spent a good hour or so there, waiting for a sign of Jared. However, we soon became disheartened. We were slowly starting to believe that we weren't going to meet him, that we wouldn't get that lucky. To try to cheer ourselves up, we made funky starbucks bracelets and Shreena wrote her letter to Jared as well as designed her tshirt. We then decided it would be best to head to Waterloo, where we knew Jared was going to be, because he was due to be on Alan Carr, Chatty Man. When we arrived there, there was only one fan in sight. We had now convinced ourselves that we'd missed Jared, henceforth making ourselves even sadder.We decided to stick around, just in case - at this point even just a glimpse of him would make us the happiest girls in the world. After half an hour, Amy left. Shree and Priy hung around before spotting a security guard. Shreena decided it would be a good idea to talk to the lovely guard - Ken - and oh, she was right. Shree and Priy soon managed to get into Ken's good books (and he was lovely!) and they also showed him the t-shirts and leggings that had been previously made...he seemed to like them! After impressing him with the awesome leggings and tee's and proving our dedication to the band, he told us where Jared's car would be arriving. This gave us some hope and so we settled down on the ground, once again listening to 30 Seconds To Mars. (It was necessary, obviously) Shree then went and spoke to the other security guard who was also lovely and kept us company for a number of hours. When he finished his swap, you can imagine how excited we were to see Ken taking over! We promptly gathered up our belongings and went and stood by Ken was, to keep him company. He was lovely and spoke to us for ages. After a while, we met a lovely Irish teacher, he had come down to see Kylie Minogue. We spoke to him for a while, before Shreena left Priy to talk to him a while and went back over to Ken. She asked him if he knew if Jared had arrived and being as lovely as he was, he phoned up to the show to find out his arrival time and number plate. He then gave the information to her. Upon hearing that Jared was not in the studio, Shree and Priy became increasingly excited and nervous. Shree and Priy continued talking to Ken for a while, and just as they were about to say something, Sam and Mark (They were on Pop Idol and also had their own show 'Sam and Mark' for those who don't know who they are. It brought back childhood memories for Shree and Priy!) walked passed us. We managed to get a quick picture with the two of them. Shreena also managed to embarass herself in front of them, she appeared to be a flapping idiot as she tried to communicate to Priy to ask for a picture with them. Priy didn't have a clue what she was saying and let Shree look like an idiot. After Sam and Mark left Shree and Priy were extremely giddy. And you can only imagine how Jared Leto would effect Priy and Shree if Sam and Mark managed to effect the girls like this...
A few hours later, Ken finished his shift. About ten minutes after he left, the most AMAZING thing happened. Shree spotted the number plate that they had so patiently been waiting to see! "It's him...Jared is arriving' she repeated, but nobody acknowledged what she was saying. She called out Jareds name and he unrolled the window and smiled at her. Shree and Priy both managed to hand him their letters and were unbelievably happy and they could not contain their excitement. Shree and Priy were elated when Jared noticed their t-shirts. Upon seeing them, he grinned and playfully stuck his tounge out the girls. Sadly, Jared apologetically told everyone that he cannot come out of the car to take pictures. He asked if we had tickets to which we replied "No". Jared then said "See you guys later" and the car drove into the studio car park...
Shreena and Priy felt an overwhelmingly bittersweet feeling. They had spoken to their hero, but it was so brief and they didn't manage to get a picture. They decided there and then to wait for him to come back out of the show. They needed to see him again. So, Shree and Priy, along with some amazing echelon they had met, waited patiently (Ha, as if ;]) to hopefully catch another glimpse of the amazing man, or even get a picture with him. Luckily for the, time seemed to move faster than it had earlier...
After some more conversation with the security, Shreena spotted Jared's car coming towards the barrier. She ran from where security were to where Priy was and the lovely security man looked at Shreena and mouther "are you ready?" when she was, she nodded and said "Yes!" he then lifted the barrier. This time, they managed to get Jared to stop his car.
As soon as everyone realised who was in the car, there was a mad rush. Shree managed to catch Jared's attention and told him that we'd been waiting for him all day. He seemed quite impressed by that. Next thing you know, everyone was asking Jared to come out of the car. Unfortunately, there was too many people so he said that he would do pictures from the car. Anyway, the important thing is, we managed a picture with him each, and he spoke to us for a few minutes, he also touched our hands and hearts (<3) and he accepted the protection bracelet that Shreena gave him and put it on. He is such an incredible being, with an unbelievable ability to captivate everyone around him. When he looks at you, even for a second, you feel as though you are the most important person in the world. His eyes penetrate you, it is almost as if he is seeing straight to your soul, and looking into his eyes, you get lost in an extremely special place. A lot of people find it hard to believe that one man could have such an amazing impact on people; but he did. He has impacted his fans in so many different ways and yesterday wasn't any different. Seeing him on t.v and seeing him in the flesh cannot even be compared. If we could have that day played on repeat over and over again; we would. It was a truly magical day and nothing will ever be able to make us feel the emotions that we felt when we met Jared Joseph Leto again. He is universal and being in his presence is absolutely undescribable. Nothing we have said so far has done any justice to how amazing Jared Leto really is and I (Shreena) am truly honoured to have met him. Jared - in my eyes, you are the big bang because you created my universe. You shaped it and helped to shape me. Without your influence I wouldn't be who I am today or where I am today and meeting you is well and truly the most amazing and incredible thing that I could have ever asked for. I feel so blessed and I wish there was a word more powerful and beautiful than thank you. Shreena pretty much covered it but I (Priy) just wanted to say that thank you does not seem to cover it at all. I said it all in the letter so I'm not going to bore everyone with the details. Friday 16th July was an amazing, unforgettable day for me. Meeting Jared was an incredible experience, but also meeting new friends, with whom I hope to remain close to. The day had it's ups and downs but all in all it was worth every minute of it. Thank you to everyone who was a part of the day, especially Priy, Hannah, Lisa, Anita and Holly, I (Shree) love you all and hold all of you dear to my heart, thank you for sharing such a special day with me. I am so happy to have found friends who are so genuine and wonderful. Here's to friendship forever!

Provehito In Altum xx